Thursday, 17 March 2016

License a blog with Creative Commons

I had licensed this blog and I chose to allow others to share my activities but they have to refer the origin I think that we need to collaborate and share things, that is why we live in a social community, but with my license, I do not allow others to earn money with my job.
It is easy to do and you can licensed your own work in this webpage You can choose the kind of license you want, and you only have to paste the embed code in your webpage or blog. You can see the result at the end of this blog.
This activity, that my classmates and I did in Master’s class, give us as teachers, the knowledge of which things we could use or which not, and what we should do when we use other materials that are not make by us. For children is interesting to show them that not everything upload on the net is free, there are people that work and create things that then they share but with license, so is our role to show our students to differentiate those resources and refer to it correctly.

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