Thursday, 17 March 2016

3, 2, 1... Introduction

I want to show you my presentation with; it is really interesting webpage because you can do an easy online presentation with many resources. For example, in the first slide you can see a video to introduce the presentation. In the next one, there is an audio made with this online web where you can write a text and choose who is going to say it and in which language, then you can download this record for free. But the file that you download is in .wav, and the emaze webpage does not support it, so I converted here the audio to .mp3. It is free and an online resource. In the next slides, you can see that I uploaded few photos, and also I made a quiz. You have the option to create links between slides and create a quiz. In the last slide I uploaded another audio that I found on internet, but I had to cut it because it was too long and I use this online tool
I hope you like it and try to use, it is an easy and funny tool to create original presentations. I think the only downside is that this webpage does not have a good mobile support, because I tried to watch it on my smartphone and the videos and the audio does not work.
Thanks for watching it!

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