Thursday, 17 March 2016

Hello everyone!

My name is Álvaro Gómez Pecino and I want to start this blog presenting myself.
When I finished my studies at high school I knew that the field of education suits my. I am from Asturias and I started my degree in Primary education in Oviedo’s University and at the end I was so pleased with the studies, that I took an extra year and extra subjects, like First Aid in School and “Manejo del Comportamiento Problemático en el Aula Problemático en el Aula”. In addition, I enrolled on an adventure, I went to Scotland to improve my English and teach on a school. That was one of my best experiences in live and grew my up like a teacher. 
Finally, I wanted to do a Master’s Degree in Bilingual Education and I found one at Rey Juan Carlos University Carlos University that is innovative and has good subjects.
New technologies and CLIL methodology are some of my interests and I would like to improve them as much as possible to be better in the future.
This blog is an ePortfolio about the activities that we make in class and a excuse to start one and build something for my future in ICTs.
Ways to contact me:
Twitter handle: @Alvaro_GoPe

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