Thursday, 17 March 2016

CLIL PLE/PLN mindmap

I started to know about CLIL at University, when I was finishing my degree, but my knowledge was not enough, that is one of the reasons that I wanted to do a Master’s in Bilingual Education. This year, one of the subjects, explains deeper the CLIL method and I think is fascinating, I am trying to learn more about it and read about this approach.
During a month, we are going to be in schools practicing and teaching and is the best place to see how this method works, that is why, when all classmates arrive in the afternoon to University, we start to talk about our impressions. Even on weekends, there are hundreds of whatsapp chatting about activities we can develop next week. It is funny and exciting be involved in a teamwork where you can share your opinions and have a feedback.
I want to show you my PLE/PLN, as you can see it is easy and simple, that is why I need to improve my knowledge about this area and grow up with it as a teacher. In few months I think it will be more complex, because is something that is always growing as my knowledge.


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