Monday, 18 April 2016



As you read in the title, we had to make a video! We recorded the video about our eProject and we tried to make it engaging, not only explaining what is about. We wanted to simulate a real scene and prove that our goals can be craft with the project.

We want to teach our students that they have been living on a neighbourhood that they do not know. They do not realize about the public transport, the cleanliness, the heritage, the economy, etc. So we want to involve them in discovering all this topics and make them think about them, if it is right to be in those conditions or not.

So after thinking what topics we wanted to introduce, we had to make a storyboard. We thought that the easiest way was creating a Google Docs and making a draft. Here you can see the dialog:

To record the video we use a reflex camera and then we use iMovie to edit it. We had already use this tool to edit videos, but the challenge was to clean the noise of the wind. We had to record outside and the sound of the voice and the environment produce feedback. It was quite difficult but we could solve it. I think this tool is really good and it has a lot of resources, the problem is that only computers with Mac can use it. There are other tools as Sony Vegas or Wondershare Filmora that are good to.

As I told you, there was a surprise behind the InfoEduGraphic and it was this video. We wanted to hide it in the picture and make it more interesting.

So here is our video, we hope you enjoy it!

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