Monday, 18 April 2016

Creating an InfoEduGraphic

Hello everyone!

In this challenge we have to work in groups and create an eProject. My group is composed by @marta_Gayarre @22paau @maradomingezgo @nepeuspu and me @Alvaro_GoPe.

The first step was to assign roles:

  • Speaker: @nepeuspu
  • Supervisor:@marta_Gayarre
  • Secretaries: @22paau @maradominguezgo
  • Coordinator: @Alvaro_Gope

Then we had to create an infographic about our topic. We wanted to work our neighbourhood and teach students that they do not know their environment. We are going to work topics like public transport, heritage, economy and recycling. So after trying different tools like,,,, we have decided to use because it has more resources to create an infographic. The disadvantage of this tool is that only few things are free, but with imagination, you can create your own template.

This picture hides something that you can discover it tagging the QR code and using the Aurasma app (for iOS and Android).

You only have to create an account in Aurasma and follow our channel eProject_hood or tag the QR code that is going to be easier.

We also created a twitter where we are posting our improvements, you can follow us and read how is going on the eProject. @eProject_Hood

I hope you enjoy it!

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