Monday, 18 April 2016

A CLIL Chocotalk!


Chocotalk? What is this?! It is something really interesting that you have to discover @chococharlas. We have been part of this project and we have collaborate with them.

This challenge was quite special, the 7th of April at 19.00h Spanish time we met through hangouts tool and we speak about CLIL for an hour. All the groups that we conform the class at collage participate. My friend @nepeuspu and me @Alvaro_Gope were the speakers of our group and on the back there was @Marta_Gayarre as disseminator, she had to spread the information and the topics we were talking about on twitter. Then the content curators that recap all the information and the most important things were @22paau and @maradominguezgo. Here you have the that we created to sum up the entire event:

The topics that we spoke about were:

  • Advantages and disadvantages of CLIL
  • Social and emotional benefits of CLIL
  • The role of ICT in the classroom
  • CLIL eProjects.

The last topic was about our eProjects and the presentation of them. There were some very interesting like: Our body, Traveling and Europe, History, Animals or the Space.

Here you can see chocotalk:

We also create a label that announce the event:

You can follow our eProject here on twitter: @eProject_Hood

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