Thursday, 5 May 2016

Reflection of the new knowledge

Hello everyone!

Is always hard to say goodbye, but we are finishing this Bilingual Master and the last challenge is a recap of our knowledge. It is incredible how in few months can someone learn and get in deep in this ICT world. Personally I learnt a lot and I will put in practice few things, if I have to choose one challenge I will say the eProject. Work in group is one of my favourite things, discuss and organize with others is always a challenge, but this time we fit perfectly. One activity that shocked me was the license. How to differentiate what things can you use or which ones not. Is something to think about and something to teach to our future students, that not everything on the net is free. But the challenge that I really had fun was the chocotalk. I think all of us enjoy this activity, because still today we remember it and we laugh about it.

For the last challenge we had to record a video and recap the activities that we made during the year:

So thanks to all my classmates for those moments and teacher @mjgsm to be patient and introduce us in the ICT world. This blog is not going to be closed, I will try to update it with activities or things that I consider important, so keep this blog on favourites and see you in the next post!

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